Together, we can make OKC great again!

Oklahoma City can be a place that delivers more opportunity for its people – if we have the right leadership and priorities.

We must raise expectations, increase education access, demand accountability of our leaders and expand opportunity for all.

To accomplish this, we need a Mayor who’s a creative problem solver and someone who puts everyday citizens first.

My business career has been focused on delivering creative solutions for big challenges. My company,, offers affordable, patient-centered access to telemedicine and prescriptions to every individual, whether they are insured or not. We’ve used technology and innovation to meet one of the most pressing needs of our community – quality access to care, matching specific needs with specific caregivers.

Building a business like this requires good planning and lots of hard work. To take OKC to the next level, we need attributes like these in a Mayor, too.

In office, I will stand up for individual freedoms and against ineffective mandates and shutdowns of our schools and businesses. I’ll support Constitutional freedoms, like Second Amendment rights and the right of individuals to make their own decisions, for themselves and their families, on issues like what medicines to take and what schools to attend. I’ll work to overturn the past efforts of City leaders to defund and attack our police.

In short, I’ll stand up for the common sense policies that have defined our city for generations.

Unfortunately, too many of our current leaders seem embarrassed by our unique heritage and values. In fact, they’re trying to enact in OKC the very policies and ideologies that are already degrading major cities all across the country.

I have heard from people in every corner of our community. They are saying, “Enough is enough! Not in my OKC!”

No more treating our police as the enemy.

No more making OKC a national magnet for homeless relocation.

No more firing-up downtown arenas while people are freezing in their homes from blackouts.

No cancel culture.

No mask mandates.

And the list goes on.

But as much as we have challenges like these, the resiliency and talents of our people are even greater.

The people of Oklahoma City are what truly make this place great. And with the right leadership, our future is limitless.

That’s why I’m running for Mayor.

Together, I know we’ll build an even greater Oklahoma City. Let’s get to work!

Jason Padgett

A vision for Oklahoma City

Poor leadership has caught up with us.
Children have lost an entire year of school.
Small businesses have closed.
We’ve worsened the crisis of domestic violence, child abuse and mental health issues with shutdowns.
Other places in the country followed a different path–keeping their communities open, avoiding the tremendous harm to children, workers and businesses that we have suffered.
Leadership matters.
Through this pandemic, we’ve lost sight of fundamental truths.
A strong economy fosters opportunity.
A job creates dignity and purpose.
Education is the great leveler.
It’s time we remember these basic facts and start implementing policies that truly reflect them.
We need to start measuring compassion by outcomes – not intentions.