jason padgett for mayor

Jason Padgett is running to be our next Oklahoma City Mayor.

Jason believes in protecting our personal freedoms, defending our Constitutional rights, and building our city into a safer, more prosperous community for us all.

OKC born and bred

Jason grew up here in Oklahoma City. It’s the place that taught him how to care for his neighbors, work hard and dream big dreams. Jason was an all-city football player in high school, and he went to OU to play football. But after injuries cut his football career short, Jason set out to Nashville. He spent several years there as a singer songwriter. He eventually moved into acting and had a thirteen year run as a working actor in Hollywood. Jason’s credits include Spiderman, 24, ER, and CSI.

A husband and father

As much as he enjoyed success in Hollywood, for Jason, raising his family in the right environment was more important. So, in 2008, after the birth of his first child, Jason returned home to OKC. He wanted his kids to grow up with the same sense of community and values he had experienced in OKC. Today. Jason and his wife, Laurel, live in Northwest OKC. They’ve known each other since the fifth grade. Jason and Laurel have four girls and one boy, ranging in ages from 11 to 22.

Pro-freedom small business owner

Jason is the founder, owner, and operator of two medical companies – a medical equipment supplier and an innovative telemedicine marketing company that is a private market solution to the public problem of unfair access to quality medical care. www.konnectmd.com. His experience with starting businesses with nothing but ideas and hard work gives Jason valuable insight about what it really takes to succeed as a small business owner and grow our economy here in OKC. As a political outsider who has never run for office, Jason owes no political favors. He’ll stand up for the everyday men and women of OKC who work hard and play by the rules but are too often overlooked by politicians today.

A Christian family committed to a greater OKC

Faith plays a central role in Jason and his family’s lives. In fact, Laurel is the Associate Pastor at Santa Fe Presbyterian Church. Jason and his wife know that faith makes a difference in a person’s life that no government program could ever replace. As Mayor, Jason will deeply engage with our faith community, partnering with worshipping communities of all denominations to meet the needs of our city. Monthly Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts in every part of town will be focal points for community healing, unity and engagement.

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